Tips On Finding The Right Car Accident Lawyer In Miami

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If you have been involved in a car accident, it’s crucial that you hire the right lawyer. Choosing the right attorney to represent you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. A skilled lawyer will be able to determine the best legal approach for your situation, and take appropriate steps to make a successful personal injury claim. There are so many auto accident attorneys out there, and getting the right Miami injury lawyer is not easy. However, a few tips should put you on the right track to finding the most suitable attorney to represent you.


Car accident injury cases can present unique challenges, so you want to hire an attorney with the right type of experience. For instance, if your case deals with an issue such as driving while under the influence of drugs, you want to hire a lawyer who has successfully handled similar situations. Be sure to ask a few questions to gauge the experience level of any prospective candidate.

Find out how long the attorney has been practicing personal injury law. The more experienced a lawyer is, the higher the chances that they have a better understanding of the legal system and how to work around it. You also want to know the lawyer’s success rate by asking for the number of cases handled that have resulted in a favorable outcome. At the very least, you should ask the attorney about the specific skills he/she brings to your case.


For your lawyer to understands the sequence of events and determine the facts of your case, he/she must have excellent communication skills. A good attorney should be willing to pay attention and create an environment where it is easy to communicate. The car accident lawyer you choose must also have experience with insurance companies and be willing to speak with them on your behalf.



A lawyer’s staff can also tell a lot about what to expect once you make the hiring decision. Find out whether and how members of staff answer routine questions, order records, conduct day to day tasks that are critical to cases at hand, and schedule depositions. The staff serves as a doorway to your lawyer, so if they are helpful and efficient, it’s safe to assume that you can expect the same level of commitment for your attorney.

Legal fees

Different lawyers will have varying pricing strategies or criteria. Some will charge by the hour, others will have a fixed fee and others on a percentage basis.  Most auto accident attorneys work on a contingency –fee basis. That means besides court filing fees and other legal services; you will not be charged attorney fees unless you win monetary compensation. In the current tough financial times, it’s prudent to discuss the fee structure with the prospective attorney beforehand. It pays to compare rates before choosing a particular attorney and agree on a payment method before getting into any contract.


Find out who will be handling your case

If you choose to hire a legal firm, find out who will be personally dealing with your case. A firm may have a good reputation, but it’s also important to assess the credentials and overall success rate of the lawyer who will be dealing with your case. Spare some time to meet the attorney and determine of he/she has the qualities and credentials to provide the best legal representation.



According to, choose an attorney with a good track record and a solid reputation. Check out testimonials and customer reviews to establish the overall client satisfaction levels. Seeking referrals from people you know is also considered one of the best ways to find an attorney you can trust. Talk to friends, relatives or coworkers and ask if they have been through a similar situation. If so, ask if they can recommend a reliable auto accident attorney. You can also read through legal forums for suggestions and reviews.

Time and resources

There’s always a huge dilemma when it comes to choosing between a large law firm and a relatively small one. Large law firms are a preferable choice for many, but their attorneys may not be able to provide the care and individual attention you seek. Auto accident lawyers are also likely to have multiple clients at any one time. Irrespective of the size of the firm or demand for the lawyer, you’ll want to hire someone with enough discipline to spare enough time in their busy schedule to fully work on your case.

Choose a Miami car accident lawyer

Accident cases have the option to bring suit within the jurisdiction where the accident took place. You should choose an attorney who practices in your area. The main idea is to find someone who understands the law of the land and knows how to navigate the court system in Miami.

Interview potential candidates

Once you’ve shortlisted few candidates, arrange interviews. Most personal injury lawyers will offer free initial consultations, so there’s no harm in talking to at least two or three lawyers. Talking to the lawyers gives you an opportunity to follow up on the information you discovered during your research. Make sure the lawyer has the right credentials and is willing and able to work on your case. Ask about the legal approach he/she would recommend and the potential outcomes. It is also during the interview that you can talk about expenses and fees.



Personal injury law can be complex and involve many specialized laws and practices. An attorney, who handles corporate cases, wills, divorces, bankruptcies or trusts can be a jack of all trades, but that’s not what you’re looking for. The last thing you need is to risk the quality of your representation by choosing an attorney who doesn’t specialize in car accident law in Miami.